Alex Hernández Dueñas (1982, Havana)

Alex Hernández studied at San Alejandro Arts Academy and the Instituto Superior De Arte Superior (ISA) in Havana. He works in a variety of disciplines including painting, drawing, and sculpture. His work has been exhibited in Cuba and internationally, including the Brooklyn Museum and Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. Hernández received the Peter and Irene Ludwig Scholarship and the Christoph Merrian Foundation Residency in Basel, among others. His solo exhibition Estado natural, based on the manipulation of honeycomb structures in beehives, is currently on view at the 58th Venice Biennale.

Palmira, from “Lost Wax”, 2018
Unique edition
Print and oil covered in wax
12” x 17”

Within the classical sculptural tradition, there are recurring statues of great leaders and historical figures. Because of the monumentality and the level of excellence required in these figures’ representations, lost-wax (cire-perdue)  was the technique implemented par excellence for their creation. Starting from this, a series pieces with wax reliefs was realized where some of these iconic sculptures that represent important political idols are alluded to. The particularity is that these monuments are not presented in their natural state, but in the moment in which they were demolished and/or destroyed by different causes.- Alex Hernández