Ariamna Contino (1984, Havana)

Ariamna Contino graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana in 2004, where she currently works as a professor of engraving. Her work has been shown at Havana’s prestigious Galeria Havana and the Robert Miller Gallery in New York City. This year she has participated in group booths with Pan American Art Projects at Art on Paper New York and the Seattle Art Fair, and with Galerie Andreas Binder at viennacontemporary2019. Her installation Penitence is currently on view at the Venice Biennale until November 24.

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Inicio al enseñanza, from “Eterno Retorno”, 2018
Unique edition
Hand-cut paper
14½ ” x 14½”
Close-up of interior

This is a series of small pieces of cut paper that took as referents nature and manmade buildings. They have a duality: the beginning and the ending. The beginning of a ceremony, the beginning of a tunnel, a volcano´s crater all represent the same dichotomy about the limits of what we know and incite the spectator to question the validity of their own perspective in relation to others. – Ariamna Contino